Recycling ATM

The cashPod 6000R is the most versatile intelligent cash recycler ATM that reduces the costs and risks associated with manual cash replenishment and servicing by making deposited banknotes available again for cash dispensing using a single shutter.

Deposit automation functionality for cashPod 6000R cash recycling ATM, brings high-capacity cash deposit and recycling terminal with a compact footprint. Unlike envelope deposits, this technology allows for validation of currency during the deposit, immediate credit to the consumer's bank account.

The bulk cash recycling ATM is able to emulate a teller transaction while validating each note, helping to reduce the risk of fraud. It also doubles up for routine cash withdrawal transactions. The instant use of the deposited notes for dispensing reduces the money held in the ATM to a minimum, which improves cash usage and drives down operational costs by reducing the frequency for cash replenishment.