iCash Group (iCash) is a premier technology company focused on delivering innovative vertical integrated currency handling products and financial payment solutions.

The group specializes in the design, manufacture, integration, sale, installation and maintenance of cash (notes, coins, voucher and cheque) handling products. This includes ATMs, back office solutions for retail markets, switching platform and integration solutions for banks and financial institutions.

iCash is committed to improving clients’ business operations across multiple industries and help them achieve higher profitability and security through lowering their costs of operations and handling errors. iCash is focused on meeting its customers business needs and developing unique technology to meet their commercial needs and requirements. The company has established a significant presence in the financial transactions market and continues to attract key industry players such as international and national banks and prominent retail giants in Korea.

iCash is global in reach with offices in Australia and South Korea. iCash solutions are currently being deployed in these regions and the company is rapidly developing a reputation for delivering innovative, world class technologies and solutions.

iCash has highly skilled people in the areas of project management, financial transaction processing, engineering, telecommunications, pre and post sales support and maintenance as well as experienced management who can ensure that customers get the right financial payment solution to match business needs, on time and on budget.