Coin Deposit Solution

The CDM-2000 is the only on-line deposit machine that counts mixed denomination coins and offers reliable, accurate counting and value counting for coins in a durable, compact design. The sophisticated freestanding system accepts coins in a variety of chosen denominations. After quickly and accurately counts the coins, it produces a receipt for the total value of the deposit. Money is transferred instantly to an account or may be redeemed in-store for goods.

The CDM-2000 has all the latest technology improvements in coin processing solution and meets even the most demanding customer requirements. The highly accurate and reliable sensors identify and count deposited coins, while rejecting foreign, damaged and counterfeit coins. The solution also requires minimal maintenance and staff training. It’s ease of use and accuracy enables any operators to use the machine. A comprehensive array of reports and management tools available on PDA/ Smartphone/ iPhone, provides status monitoring system to monitor coin box status, error status and remote software download at all times.

Solution Options

neoICP’s coin deposit solution is a custom designed solution that is tailored made based on customer’s unique needs and environment, allowing more choices and control. The solution is designed to suit any application or market, allowing customers to deploy the same technology in a variety of different retail environments (smaller or larger environments) – just by adding additional components for extra function and capacity. By deploying neoICP’s solution, customers are able to device their own growth strategies, raise productivity and stand out against competitors.

Stand alone Coin Deposit Solution (CDM-1000)

As a side car with existing deployed ATMs or Kiosks

Coin Deposit Solution with Online Function (CDM-2000)

Supports online applications with the customers’ software
Can easily add value added applications such as bill payment and mobile top-up, etc


CDM-2000D (Coin and Note Deposit)

Entry level back office solution – suitable for high cash usage outlets 10,000 notes mixed deposit (Transport bag) 200 notes/ transaction and max 16 notes/ sec

CDM-2000R (Coin Deposit and Note Deposit or Recycling)

Currency exchange solution and Back Office Solution Approx 9,000 notes deposit or notes recycling (up to 3 denominations)