Cash Redemption Solution (Casino)

neoICP’s cash redemption solution is a smart, flexible and fully customizable self service currency exchange station designed to provide customers’ gaming venue with smarter, faster and reliable cash and ticket handling solution. This independent change station offers customers a simple and efficient solution to break large notes into smaller notes and to exchange multiple tickets to a single ticket without the need to locate a cashier.

The machine comes with a wide range of options and is customized to suit any gaming venues specific requirements. The bulk cash and ticket deposit automation functionality (not available in any competitors products), allows ease of use and time saving for customers wishing to exchange large amount of notes and tickets.

The online system links the neoICP machine to a central server, providing comprehensive auto settlement and management platform for financial managers to consolidate end of day operation, counting total value from earned tickets.

neoICP’s cash redemption solution is purposely designed for high cash usage venues and equipped with a large easy to navigate customer screen. Its small footprint is perfect to be placed discretely on gaming floors, venue lobbies or VIP rooms.